Our Lending Team

Our Loan Officers have your best interest in mind when it comes to getting a loan.  Their knowledge of the financial industry and exceptional customer service will make applying for a loan an easy process.  Contact one of them today to get started!


Warrenton - (636) 456-3441

Tom Wolff
Executive Vice President


NMLS: 421601

Jeanette Menne
Vice President




NMLS: 754962

Mary Atchisson
Vice President




NMLS: 922424

Wentzville - (636) 327-4900

Charlene Twiehaus
Vice President
ctwiehaus@themissouribank.com NMLS: 754967
 Erin border
Erin Carey
Vice President




NMLS: 754960

 Grady border
Grady Daniels
Loan Officer




NMLS: 2407781

Sedalia - (660) 827-5520

Rob Border
Rob Volker
President of Western Region
rvolker@themissouribank.com NMLS: 603210
 Ron Border
Ron Ehlers
Vice Presidents




NMLS: 603211

 Vaughn Border
Vaughn Loomis
Vice President




NMLS: 603212

Angela Sumner
Vice President




NMLS: 863702

 Hermann - (573) 486-3134

Jason Border
Jason Vette
Vice President
jvette@themissouribank.com NMLS: 2137434

Columbia - (573) 777-1000

Eric Border
Eric Kraus
Vice President
ekraus@themissouribank.com NMLS: 472640

TMB NMLS # 543559

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