Introducing CardValet…a whole new level of personalization for your debit cards. It’s like having your own personal banking assistant right in your wallet!  With the ability to set limits for your card, you are in full control of your spending.  Plus, it's a safer way to manage your wallet!



CardValet Card Details ImageWith CardValet you can now customize your debit cards to fit your personal banking needs. With each debit card
you have, you can set their own unique CardValet preferences. You’ll be able to:

      • Set alerts when the card is used
      • Create spending limits
      • Set area limits so the card may only be used in a certain radius
      • Create limits for merchant types and/or locations
      • Review your transactions and account details
      • Turn your card off to suspend use until you turn it back on

"I recently started using CardValet when managing my debit card for my “The Missouri Bank” checking account. This app is a truly blessing in disguise. I am very glad that The Missouri Bank suggested I try it out. What I personally enjoy about CardValet is that it has the feature to turn my debit card off and on!! Since I do not use my card very much – I feel this is helpful in ensuring my hard-earned money is safe, an additional form of security the bank has to offer. When I know I won’t be using my card, I just log in and turn my card OFF. I can keep my card turned off as long as I’d like and when I do decide to turn it back on, it’s as simple as a few steps! This app also has the options to limit where your card can be used, shopping restrictions, as well as establishing spending limits! How convenient! It is also great for people that think they might have misplaced their debit card! Before you start to panic, you can just turn your debit card “off” until you find it or get it replaced. It is like my debit card’s security is on steroids! I love this app!"     - Linda P

How to Set Up CardValet

CardValet Image
      • Download the CardValet application from the Apple® app store or Google play™.
      • Open the app and select New User
      • Enter your 16-digit card number
      • Enter additional card details as requested
      • Validate your identity
      • Create your user name and password
      • Then login in and begin customizing your options

For a PDF version of complete set-up instructions including screenshots, please download our CardValet brochure here.


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