Transfer your money from another bank without moving an inch!  TransferNow, an online risk-managed account-to-account funds transfer solution, makes moving money between accounts convenient, secure, and easy. 



With TransferNow, you have the ability to move funds digitally between multiple accounts at The Missouri Bank and other financial institutions. 

      • No longer pay wiring fees to move your money to/from a different bankCardValet Card Details Image
      • Multiple delivery speeds
      • Real-time account verification
      • Configurable transfer limits
      • Multiple transfer options (recurring, one-time or future-dated)
      • Easy, fast and secure!  Did we mention convenient? 

How to Set Up TransferNow

        • Login to your TMB online account.  First time logging in after the update will prompt you to review the new terms and conditions.  Please take the appropriate action. 
        • Choose the "transfer" option on the navigation bar
        • You can create a transfer between your TMB accounts on the left hand side OR utilize the external transfer feature on the right side of the screen.  Click the button to continue on with the external transfer.
        • If you desire to do a transfer between your account at TMB to/from another institution, you'll first need to "add a new account".  Once that button is clicked, it will prompt you through how to add an account.  You'll then provide the type of account, the routing number and account number.  You'll also be able to give it a nickname, if you choose.
        • Once you complete that process, you'll be asked to provide your login credentials to your other bank(s).  These credentials will be secured only in the system during this verification only and NEVER saved. 
        • Note: If you do not want to provide that information, you can choose to go another route.  The alternative way could take an additional 1 to 2 days to verify your other account(s).  Follow steps provided below, if you wish you proceed that way.
TransferNow Activation
      • Once your account(s) are verified, you can begin customizing your options.


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