Digital Wallets

It's time to try a faster, more convenient, and secure way to pay!  Add your TMB debit card(s) to your digital wallet!  It is safe, easy, and provides extra security when making purchases.


What is a Digital Wallet?

Digital wallets are a convenient way to make a purchase using only your phone, tablet, or smartwatch. Digital wallets store an electronic version of your physical card on your device and when making a purchase at stores, online, or through apps, the wallet then substitutes your private card information with random strings of data which is called tokenization. When paying these merchants with your digital wallet, the merchant only receives your tokenized information, keeping your actual card details from being exposed. The tokenization comes with more layers of security and prevents hackers from accessing your card information.

What types of Digital Wallets are The Missouri Bank debit cards compatible with?

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

 Why use Digital Wallets?

  • Convenience
  • Greater security
  • Easy to track expenditure
  • Less to carry
  • Paperless transactions
  • Time-saving

 Need more information on your specific wallet?  Click the link below to find out more!

Apple Pay

Google Pay



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